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Premium Dedicated Servers Worldwide

Discover our fully managed and self managed dedicated servers with the latest processors and top-tier bandwidth. Your data’s security and your out-of-band connectivity are our priorities. Get in touch for custom configurations; our 24×7 support team is ready to assist.

Extreme Scalability, Maximum Performance

With servers featuring up to 128 cores, 1 TB RAM, and storage capacities including HDD, SSD, and U.3 NVMe SSD drives, we offer unmatched scalability and performance. If your ideal configuration isn’t listed, reach out; our 24×7 support team is always available to help.

Pricing That Suits You & your business

 We offer plans tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the performance and resources that match your requirements.

E3-123x v3


Most popular

E3-123x v5/v6








Most popular




Dual E5-2667v4





Most popular

Dual E5-2680v4



EPYC 7313



EPYC 7543


Most popular

EPYC 7763



Dual EPYC 7313



Dual EPYC 7543


Most popular

Dual EPYC 7763


Why us

What makes us so different

Discover what sets us apart in the world of dedicated server hosting. Tailored plans, global reach, data security, powerful hardware, 24/7 support, and scalability – all designed for your success

Tailored Plans

Customized pricing and performance to match your unique hosting needs.

Global Reach

Servers located worldwide for maximum reach and accessibility.

Data Security

RAID and IPMI for data protection and out-of-band management

Powerful Hardware

Up to 256 cores, 2TB RAM, and HDD/SSD/NVMe drive options.

24/7 Support

Our expert support team is always available to assist you.


Flexible resources for easy scaling as your needs evolve.

Hire a professional cloud architect to deploy your server

We are happy to assist you in your server deployment.

Superior Performance and Security

Dedicated servers that guarantee top-tier performance and unparalleled security. We invest in the latest hardware and technology to ensure your server runs at peak efficiency. Plus, our redundant systems provide stability and 24/7 monitoring, offering the ultimate hosting experience.


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I have been using Sitecountry for my website hosting needs for about 2 years now, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their service. 


The customer support is simply superb. I had made a messy installation for a website and was about to give up. But their support team was easily accessible to sort it out for me.


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