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At SiteCountry, our mission is to empower individuals, developers, and businesses with secure, reliable, and affordable web hosting solutions.

Our Incredible Journey

September 2020

Pioneers of Innovation

In September 2020, SiteCountry emerged as a beacon of innovation in the web hosting landscape. Our team of visionary tech enthusiasts laid the foundation for our company, committed to delivering exceptional hosting solutions. With our profound expertise in cloud technology and Linux, we embarked on a journey to transform the hosting industry.


First Client



November 2020

Empowering the Digital Frontier

In November 2020, SiteCountry was ready to make its mark by introducing the world to “Premium Cloud.” This robust hosting service was meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled performance and reliability. Backed by the formidable infrastructures of Amazon AWS and Vultr.com, we ensured that our customers received nothing but the best.

January 2023

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Award

In a resounding testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, SiteCountry proudly emerged as a recipient of the esteemed “Top 10 Cloud Hosting Award” by HostAdvice in January 2023. HostAdvice, a trusted authority in the hosting sector, meticulously evaluates hosting providers on various criteria, including performance, reliability, customer support, and innovation. Being recognized among the top 10 in this distinguished list is a profound honor and a testament to SiteCountry’s outstanding performance and continuous efforts to raise the bar in cloud hosting services.

November 2020

Launching New Cloud VPS Hosting 

In July 2023, SiteCountry proudly unveiled its New Cloud VPS Hosting service, marking a significant milestone in our journey. With a relentless commitment to delivering top-tier hosting solutions, we embarked on this endeavor to provide our valued clients with even more powerful and scalable hosting options. Our New Cloud VPS Hosting service was meticulously designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital landscape. It offered enhanced performance, robust infrastructure, and the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of web projects.

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I recently switched to SiteCountry for my web hosting needs, and I am extremely satisfied with their service. The hosting speed provided by SiteCountry is impressive, as my website now loads quickly and efficiently. 


Whenever I require assistance, the customer care team is readily available to provide help. The service is exceptional, and I highly recommend it.


I have been using SiteCountry’s premium cloud turbo plan for 2 years, till date the site has not gone down even once, I personally like SiteCountry very much.


I have been using Sitecountry for my website hosting needs for about 2 years now, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their service. 


The customer support is simply superb. I had made a messy installation for a website and was about to give up. But their support team was easily accessible to sort it out for me.


I have tried all hosting companies from Hostinger to Siteground to Kinsta but this hosting is the best I could ever say. Thanks to its friendly pricing.

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Our story is one of innovation, commitment, and excellence in the web hosting industry. We invite you to be a part of our journey and experience the exceptional web hosting solutions that have redefined the digital landscape. At SiteCountry, we are more than a hosting provider; we are your gateway to online success.